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Is The New Paradigm Old News

There are many shifts in consciousness occurring these days due to distaste in the place we found ourselves in whether yesterday or yesteryear. Change is constantly in the air even when nobody is noticing. We are developing and moving into... Continue Reading →

Broken Hearts – Something other than what we think? Soul Contracts?

There is probably no one on earth who has not felt the pain of the loss of a loved one, a pet or even a thing, maybe a job or other changes in life. And, funny enough, (or not so... Continue Reading →

The Pyramid View

What does the pyramid represent for the ascending person's perspective? Is it only about reaching the top? There is an extended journey this article shares. The shape of a pyramid offers great metaphors for how we view things. Cultures besides... Continue Reading →

The Inner Song

I love poetic writers. I'm not speaking of writers of poetry. Have you ever come across such artist's of words? I'm reading a book by  John O’Donohue, called, Anam Cara.  He offers a prime example of a tongue painting exquistic... Continue Reading →


Women are called many things. Whether you are male or female you can most likely hear that train of words already going down the track. And these days, young woman allow themselves to be called derogatory names and think it’s... Continue Reading →

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