There are many shifts in consciousness occurring these days due to distaste in the place we found ourselves in whether yesterday or yesteryear. Change is constantly in the air even when nobody is noticing. We are developing and moving into a new era of thought together through a vast human yearning to be liberated from a depreciating mentality to an uplifting one. The integration of our evolving world view, our open mindedness about cooperation and social change, and the vast idea of consciousness expansion that is occurring in spiritual realms and mind sciences is altering how we perceive and how we interact.

Big business is also finding the need for new methods of de-stressing their environments. Overseas, we see things like dancing at lunch time, called “Disco-Lunch.” Volkswagen has moved on making things from a point of reference called “The Fun Theory”. Some of these creations are musical stairs next to an elevator for people to exercise, trash cans that make a noise which inspires people to throw more trash in, an arcade game bottle recycler and an obey the speed limit lottery. It proved that people love to do the right thing when it is fun. It will not surprise me if meditation rooms are eventually installed in corporate buildings for mid-day recharging because of the human desire for change.

Continued paradigm shifting inspires the pioneers, creators, inventors, free-thinkers into making new tools and bridges to cross over from the places of perception we no longer find useful for our lives to the new view. We are responding and being innovative. The new views are arising in many and what is coming out is beautiful, even brilliant. Yes, brilliant in the sense of shining, alive, a glowing manifestation from the hearts of humanity and the reflection of enlivened spirits…again. It’s all new…again. The old has not been slaughtered, either. Many things are recycled and progressive. It’s another new cycle in the continued human evolution of consciousness.

Something changed and moved along the spiral of growth. It always does. What happens afterward is helping those who didn’t catch on to see the new perception – the spreading of the idea. The fad catches on. The transition happens. As we transition, our basic desires normally do not change, but, in a true new paradigm shift, our pastimes will require a fulfillment of new interests. We will not be so enthralled by drama, war, conflict and competition for entertainment. Have your interests changed?

The positive movements that are occurring due to the consequence of elitist greed are ironically stimulating progressive results. It is not an uprising that wishes to overthrow the government. It is a rising up of something more primal within us all – creative survival. We are taking responsibility for our minds and desires. A conscious people have been born due to the leader’s lack of it. We have taken back our minds, our trust, and our hearts. We have taken them back. It’s a peaceful shift. It is as if an alchemical transmutation is occurring, not a revolution. We’ve simply grown up because we were sick and tired of being sick and tired. We’ve started thinking for ourselves, created new spiritual paths for ourselves, and have entered into new self-expression. Does this sound like you? If so, you’re making new paradigms, responding and being innovative. The transition happened. You got going. You’re trying something new. Yeah!