Interestingly, all things happening on earth tell us something about the state of humanity crying out. The Corona Virus may very well be one of those cries. While corona typically means crown, and I’ll get to that, my first association is with the corona around the ‘sun’.

According to NASA, the sun’s corona is the outermost part of its atmosphere, usually hidden because the sun is so bright but easily seen during a total solar eclipse. This crown-like surrounding is made by gases called atmosphere. As human beings we know about atmosphere.

For the short version metaphysics, consider an atmospheric virus. The earth is certainly suffering from atmospheric oppression with all the pollution which exists. While we already know this, when something needs attention the soul within humanity cries out and sometimes backfires against us, not to harm but to make us see. China is a major polluter still with coal powered emissions. Could this be the soul of us all crying out so China can see?

Next: An atmosphere on any planet is an envelope of gases in the ‘outer most’ layer surrounding the planet. This suggests the external atmosphere as well as the external human atmosphere. Atmosphere also suggests the tone or the mood of a place or situation. Is humanity becoming gaseous and viral in the external realm?

We know that this is a truth for the most part, so not much new there.

You could move this into aura reality. How is the human aura lately? Is it getting bombarded? Is the human soul crying out for help? Is the Corona Virus an attention seeker on a completely other level?

Most simply see the body threatened by the virus rather than looking at the really big picture. Is there a hidden message from the soul to be seen here?

The overall mood of earth is worry right now. Who wants us to worry? You know. Many who are enlightened are not worried and observing as much as the powers that be are observing the human response to a pandemic. And, fear is certainly a good way to boost consumerism, isn’t it? Stores are sold out of many products. Some may be purchasing for actual needs. Some are purchasing out of greed. Some are purchasing for barter power. It is all a new surrounding virus.

Lastly is the ‘crown’ association. What is the crown? In short order it could be England, but in spiritual metaphysical references it is our higher consciousness. Is there a virus effecting higher consciousness, effecting your crown? Consider it at least and be aware. Protect your crown of higher consciousness. Don’t let fear get to you. It will pull you down into a dense experience rather than keeping you light and liberated. Protect your crown surrounding you, your aura. Keep it clean of greed or other viruses. Protect your crown within you. Keep your heart clean, as well as your physical health…One Love