Most people believe that the Queen of Sheba went to visit King Solomon to receive his wisdom and never look at what he received from her as an anointed flow of illuminating wisdom he hadn’t before encountered. To make this story more profound, see Solomon which normally translates to ‘wisdom’ as Soul of Man’s wisdom. To see the mystery of the Queen’s illuminating wisdom in the story of the Queen of Sheba, you can also see Sheba as She-Ba as ‘Ba’ is the Egyptian word for soul. You can see ‘She Soul’ meeting with the ‘Soul of Man’ as there are gender aspects on all planes in this universe, whether believed or not. Sheba also means ‘seven’ which in numerology means Spirit and the ability to access inner wisdom, making this also a meeting of Soul of Man with Spirit of Woman which contains a wisdom unique from Solomon’s and assists in the merger of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Using metaphysical aspects from the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary an interesting tale can be told. It is said that Sheba went to question Solomon (Soul of Man) with hard questions of the illuminating kind, even all that was in her heart. Notice it did not say ‘mind’. What Sheba contained was unique from Solomon’s wisdom. It was internal intuitive awareness. Soul of Man was known for a wisdom of how to rule a people, calculation and religious lore. This relationship is said to have also existed between Ramses and Nefertiti. This was a reveal between the two types of wisdom – surface where a king rules and internal where a queen rules.

Deep in its metaphysics of Sheba is a story from the Queen’s side. The name Sheba, according to the metaphysical dictionary means the ruling intuitive intelligence, cyclic fullness, return to the origin state, completeness, equilibrium, reintegration, restoration, redemption. She brought this intuitive illumination to Soul of Man as a wisdom Solomon (Soul of Man) hadn’t considered before. Intuition is a feminine trait. It is not in the head although the masculine designers take feminine aspects to the head, as was done with ‘conception’ and ‘intuition’ and did not include it as a feminine trait because they cannot. This is a deeper mystery of xx and xy chromosomes too detailed to add to this post. To unite masculine and feminine is not an ‘all head’ design. It is not about bringing a core trait to the head to steal it. It is a wholeness concept especially in these times as many of you know.

Further assistance is in the Solomon and Sheba story. Sheba (She-Soul) brought gifts for Soul of Man. She gave him camels (metaphysically implying an animal of great endurance in lands where there is no water, no feminine intuitive fluidity). She gave him spices (metaphysically implying spiritual aroma and smell whereas he could now smell trickery in external wisdom and discern new wisdom). Lastly, she gave him precious stones (metaphysically a symbol of clarity as well as representing the Queen, She-Soul’s reputation and honor. Then she went back to her own Queendom (illuminating intelligence). The Dictionary’s entry for Solomon (soul of man) suggests that Soul of Man learned that ‘matter’ has no real substance as it is a result of the darkened state of consciousness which passes away when the inner light is turned on. Sheba is said to have brought him this light of new wisdom. Notice that Sheba did not bring him a new religion but new techniques for gaining wisdom, generating awareness and the discernment that external wisdom is not the same as the internal wisdom.

Consciousness moves on a continuum to greater and greater awareness and wisdom. Sheba represents the feminine continuum of the illuminating intelligence that all souls need to discover – the internal receptive principle to prosper from the feminine.

It was a pleasant journey on my quest for feminine internal empowerment examples different from the masculine paths. May we grow more malleable as the days continue to greet us because the feminine perspective is rising.  When it is said that the feminine is rising this is a serious as well as a beautiful statement concerning She-Soul Sheba. She went to enlighten him about inner wisdom which was unique for his wisdom.  

From Sister SiStar Sistah by Iyana Rashil

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