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The Queen of Sheba as (She Soul)

Most people believe that the Queen of Sheba went to visit King Solomon to receive his wisdom and never look at what he received from her as an anointed flow of illuminating wisdom he hadn’t before encountered. To make this... Continue Reading →

The Book of Faces

As I began writing this post, the words surfaced: Facebook should be called a Book of Faces, but what exactly was I really trying to relay here. It is the question "Do you have an authentic voice (personal speak) which... Continue Reading →

A Number Eleven Flow

Does the Universe around us have a fundamental structure that can be glimpsed through special numbers? While this article might lean to the number 137, know that 1+3+7=11 and this post is about number 11. I haven't posted to the... Continue Reading →

About Your Piece of the Puzzle

You matter in this world more than you may realize. Each of us is a piece of the world puzzle. Our role as a piece of the puzzle is to evolve the picture with our personal dynamics. When we change... Continue Reading →

Know Thyself

Life is funny. I was going through old papers and found this poem/prose I wrote in 1997: Know Thyself If you do not teach yourself, someone else will define your existence and purpose. You shall take on the ways of... Continue Reading →

The Magick of Equilibrium and the Rise of Beat Doctors: Music Continues to Save Us

This post is about how music comes to save us from things we don’t know are hurting us, such as the effects of infrasound, negative electromagnetic waves and positive ions in the air.  The focus in this post is how... Continue Reading →

Seeing the Life Glue for an Eye Opener

The Glue of Life, Love and Spirit is the topic of this post. Life glue? Love glue? Spiritual glue? What the heck! Yes, that is what I said when I finally met the glue for what it was. Why the... Continue Reading →

AI to AI Face-Off with a New View – Human Machines and Robotic Humans????

When the human being becomes more mechanized and the machine becomes more human it is time to take an honest look at the phenomena of AI verses AI for personal well-being. In other words, are we suffering the side-effects of... Continue Reading →

Rebellion as Rebel Lions – Seeing in the Dark

I had a struggle with this title because there is so much to be said in the idea, which includes a journey to the Nether, which used to be a good thing. In Buddhism, the journey to the Void or... Continue Reading →

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