The Glue of Life, Love and Spirit is the topic of this post.

Life glue? Love glue? Spiritual glue? What the heck! Yes, that is what I said when I finally met the glue for what it was. Why the word glue? Do we really need to be glued down to be consistent and real, devoted or in love?

If you have ever gotten super glue on your fingers you will have experienced a glue that is extremely difficult to release yourself from. This also happens metaphorically in life experiences, love relationships and the spiritual pursuit.

Has your life, love and religion ever felt like it was gluing you down, holding you back or feeling like glue instead of liberating you?

In my opinion, the term ‘glue of life’ should not be used for friendship, true love or great spiritual experiences. Glue means pinning someone down rather than lifting them up. Take the word  religion which means to ‘bind’ or depicts a ‘state of life bound by religious vows’. Shouldn’t we question the glue ideal? Can’t we have love and religious devotion without glue? If you’re glued, are you screwed?

Whether you are looking back at your life, lost loves or spiritual path walks and can relate to the glue or the glue hasn’t happened to you yet, this article can offer an important fact to be aware of in order to make conscious choices about spiritual pursuits and other life adventures. All of those experiences may remain in this world, but how to deal with the glue in your own life can evolve.

The glue experience seems to be everywhere. We seem trained to be stuck, whether it is the job, family bonds, culture or religion. Why is it we learn to like to be bound to things? It is not something that seems natural. Naturally we wish to seek our own way, but we are taught that being bound to a tradition or a people is the way we have to live and that it is right.

This is not to say that commitment isn’t beautiful. It is, but not if it is gluing you down and not man with a meme signlifting you up. There is even a meme promoting the glue of life. But does this mean faithfulness or an enslaved attachment? Where do you draw the line? The sign says ‘trust’ is the glue of life. Trust is a good experience, but how many people can be trusted and why would trust need glue at all. Trust in a love relationship means I am free, not glued. My partner knows that after my spacewalk I’ll be back. Yes, a little extreme, but I’m sure you get it.

The idea of ‘mine’ is so ingrained in modern society that many do not see the side-effects which cause us to be stuck in various sticky situations, whether it’s the glue of love or otherwise. The idea of owning our mate, owning our careers, or owning our culture has become like owning a car for some people. The side effects of ‘the glue of life’ creates entrapment and experiences of slavery. Glue is even a source of fundamentalism. Glue limits our life experience in favor of attachment.

Why do we seek attachment? Spiritual schools tell us to overcome attachment. We don’t tend to see it that way at first? We call it love, passion, career, our spiritual purpose. When does it turn to glue instead of an authentic you living your passions?

So, how does one separate the experiences of life as liberating and happy from glue and imprisonment?

Do NOT Trust in the Glue

The idea of flow has entered into humanity’s consciousness realm and this word will grow in meaning over time. Flowing through life sounds better than being glued to things.

In many experiences we have been required to make a choice and remain committed. What if in making choices we go in understanding the following clause – let it be uplifting and liberating? Can this change how we go about living, loving, worshiping and working? Granted, some heavy glue experiences can teach us but after the glue we should be allowed to move on into freedom. Ultimately we are looking to rise in liberating experiences. Glue holds us down. We have plenty of gravity. We really don’t need life glue?

Think about how marriages get ugly because the ideal is ‘deal with it until death do we part.” Glue. Religious commitment requires this glue for attachments to our gods, gurus, priests or leaders. What if we wish to explore another path of upliftment because we transcended that particular spiritual path? Why are we made to feel guilty?

On the spiritual path, we innocently believe in our teachers, that they are wise men or women and leaders but we are coming into a time where we can establish our own energy connections to the divine. For a moment imagine an image where thousands of followers are sending love to one leader, one idol, one guru. That’s a lot of love energy sent into one being. You might agree that this is good to empower the leader with support but what happens to you if you leave the flock? Yes, there are some leaders who want you to be your own teacher and they are awesome, but there are also charlatans out there who use energy glue. Since many are nowadays aware of energy streams and consciousness liberation, consider the spiritual leader ideal. How do they get their ‘power’? From their god or devotees? Devotion glue?

Seeing the difference from being connected to ‘your’ spirit or being attached to someone else’s is healthy. I was once given a saying about spiritual paths. I was told, “You can go in, but don’t die.” This was about looking into spiritual knowledge but not becoming initiated. There is a line in Mists of Avalon that is enlightening in this. The mother of Morrigan felt what happened at her daughter’s initiation. She said, “They have taken her.” This idea of being taken by anything is like ‘rape’ or ‘robbery’ – being taken – what the heck!

There are other things besides initiations which rob our spirits and rape our souls. There are lovers who will take you and weigh you down. Why do we still call them lovers? This has been rightfully seen as energy vampires, oppressors and other preying like terms. That’s not love. Yet, it happens to millions because the world believes in ‘life glue’.

What if one just needs to be aware of the glue when it’s trying to attach you to something and walk away before it happens, like preventative health. Watching for glue can be called preventive health as well.

We live in a world with principles that bind us rather than lift us. In the evolution of consciousness, maybe we can establish better ideals that are written into our commitments, clauses which make all parties aware that they cannot use glue, hold another down or claim ownership.  It should become a new life rule – no glue. It’s just not allowed. Let’s stay together with true trust and love. Remember the old saying, “Set the butterfly free. If was meant for you it will come back to you.” Something like that?