Number Eleven Messages

It was Carl Jung who foretold that one day a number would speak. The time has come. It is not an audible voice which comes to us in modern times but algorithms and numerology. Beyond associations such as astrology or soul numbers, a cosmic conversation is happening through numerology as its code.

Sisters SiStars Sistahs

Sisters, you contain a LIFE core which can touch the world, change its mental fragrance and evolve your LIFE and its perspectives.


Amour Desire’

Imagine a Circus Sole performanace. Aphrodite comes down to us from cosmos portraying a dance of delight, turmoil, interactions and births that lead to a victory. This short story was written with a wonderful friend of mine who is now traveling others dimensions (RIP). It stimulates the heart to see something it might have missed about love.

Garments of Inner Power

Garments of Inner Power is another number eleven transmission. This time eleven speaks about how to empower the soul with inner light garments.