As word thinkers, we have long preferred words over symbols, yet, something in symbology attracted us, calls to us. Add to this, our trying to speak to what doesn’t speak in ways beyond words. From those who speak to plants, to those who speak to the stars, or gods, we speak and hope for an answer back. So often, the answer is cryptic. But, because of this curiosity to receive a message, we have discovered that in the spaces between Earth and the vast universes of universes there is the language of math and geometry, for one. Short of numerology, these equations don’t normally offer us sentences of conversation. We also discovered that the in-between and the inner spoke the language of silence. Even though, this listening has been with us, we are continually learning new ways to hear and listen. In this post, the new way is through relationships with symbols.

There is a profound beauty in this quest to listen to that which doesn’t speak in words such as symbols, geometry, math and silence. Firstly, we cannot say we already knew, and that is not only beautiful, it keeps us curious. This curiosity keeps us searching.

All through the ages we have looked for anything we could find. We are seekers. From hunting and gathering to survive, to the search for the soul, to explorations of the unknown in space, we search and we prosper forward in our finds. Those who seek discover, and there are so many things to explore. In our external lives the world even plans on exploring deep space. Notice the metaphor – explore deep space. As Above, So Within Us. There is a reason this seeking continues. Discovery contains excitement and forward motion. It is dynamic and life altering. It keeps life animated and exploratory instead of stagnant and depressing in inertia and complacency. Even re-discovery is rewarding.

In regards to listening to symbols and relationships with them, we’ve examined symbols from the simplest circle with a dot to geometric spirals and sacred geometry in nature. We’ve made and examined the intricacies of yantras and mandalas. We’ve looked for synchronistic signs or guidance on the way of inner life. Today, we have some additions to our symbol relationships. Symbols found their way to appearing in sand on vibrating metal plates, called Chladni experiments. Sound and symbols, resonance and vibration, worked together. You can watch a video on this on Youtube called Sand Vibration Patterns – Chladni Plate. From there you will find more examples.

In modern times we are even merging symbols and light, which is extremely evolutionary in the act. Making a lamp from a symbol offers more than lighting designs in a room. It offers a relationship. Even the evolution from incandescent bulbs to LED has this evidence, as many LED lights form a type of pattern. We can see the direction we’re going, and this movement has meaning vaster than we know. The idea of symbols and patterns is more than pretty. It contains unspoken magic. Just hanging out with symbols helps them speak to your inner consciousness.

When we do mantras, we are not just developing a relationship with sound intonations, but also the geometry that mantra creates. The combination of symbol and light also brings a combination design – light and geometry. It offers an expanded respect for the image. The unseen is speaking through sound, light and vibration.

Geometric symbol questing and understanding leads us forward to something called the search for ‘The Divine Image’ (geometric) which has been mentioned by J.J. Hurtak, said to have communed with Enoch in “The Keys of Enoch”. It is not so much our specifically finding this image as much as our developing a relationship with geometric symbols in order that more will continue to come. This love and respect for the relationship with that which lay beyond words is noticed.

Without the symbols and the eventual appearance of Divine Image, our evolution is basically random changes and repetition of old ways over and over, expecting something new. With the symbols we are stepping into a forwarding which is unspoken. It is transmitted. You do not have to understand it with your mind. As much as we often do not know and understand others that we have relationships with until time passes, so it is with symbols we have relationships with. What will become evident is that you are evolving. The way to discern this is with the word new. Are you participating in creating the new? Are you even searching for it? New anything is fine, just support the search for the new. It is another relationship.

Other seekers are searching and having relationships. Jain 108 Mathemagics is looking deeply into things. Many are now familiar with Sacred Geometry. Physicists have found the dimensionless Constant with the number 1/137. Nassim Haramein researches for Resonance and Science and esoteric knowledge in modern physics. People are having relationships with symbols. Beyond these symbols mentioned, letters and words are also symbols with mysteries within them. Have the relationship with symbols and watch what happens.