As I began writing this post, the words surfaced: Facebook should be called a Book of Faces, but what exactly was I really trying to relay here. It is the question “Do you have an authentic voice (personal speak) which matches your face in the book of faces?”

We live in a world which contains templates of how we should be or behave in order to be accepted. In the book of faces you can clearly see the template of how to act accordingly: Like, Follow, Love, Laugh, Be Sad or Angry. Of course there is more, but take  a look at where this is going.

What is the draw to make accounts in the book of faces? What is your purpose? Most just begin and hope to make lots of friends or to keep in contact with real friends and family. Others might say they make a page in the book of faces to establish a brand. This means you make an attempt at being a leader. Others want to be informers. Some are outright misinformers, but all have a reason of motivation for being on the book of faces.

Who are you in the book of faces? Are you authentic? Maybe you avoid the book of faces. If you are there, are you quoting others or actually leading with your own voice? Are you preaching to the choir, stating the obvious? Are you using a template you received from an internet marketer or spiritual guru? Are you saying words which others have said before?

Other cyber realms might give you a more authentic experience, such as Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter and Tumblr. Short one liners and personal photography from a moment in a life do express authentic behavior. Why isn’t it similar on the book of faces where the meme teams practice viral contamination of politics, animal rights or spiritual wisdom. You scroll your news feed and thirst for something new rather than the same old viral posts. Maybe you wish the other faces would actually talk to you whereas you could establish relationships beyond like, love, giggle, cry. Most of your 5,000 friends have never even liked any of your posts and have never been to your wall unless you are an obedient book of faces archetype. There is also the phenomena of assigning quotes to important people who never said such things. This is what you get as a ‘follower’ on the book of faces. There is something wrong at the book of faces.

This first piece of wisdom begins when you say, I think I’ll only go to the book of faces once a week. Why? The follower must be careful. Not only does the follower need to practice personal authenticity but be oh so careful of not following the squall, for the wide gaping hole of act-a-like people leads into the great abyss which stares back at all who venture to the ledge.

The book of faces will rob you of your ‘you’ if you let it. Simply ask yourself if you joined in on the pokey lip selfies, or sexy ‘follow me’ profile pics and click the share button more than twice a day. Some men even post pictures of handsome men rather than themselves. And lastly, there we all are in the book of faces for the facial recognition software of the future.

This is where the unfollow wisdom visits us for reflection.

This post is not telling you to unfollow the following crowd in the book of faces. It is asking that you look at the phenomena. Have you been robbed of your true self over at the book of faces? You can tell by watching your own behavior. Are you addicted to your book of faces, watching the latest news on how to act and react?

You may think that the dissemination of information is a good thing, but the question is, what are you passing around? There is no right answer to this question. It is one of those questions posed to self for contemplation. Is the face of your reality still your own or have you been formed into a follower of the cyber archetype, face broke?

Here is a barometer for measuring:

They have schemes and dreams but authenticity has a vision. They are in a strange copycat generation but the authentic are on a mission – to maintain being real.

And here is a marvelous truth: For some beautiful and mystical reason, when we use our own voice it is authentic. This is a gift. Our voice doesn’t know how to copy when it is sharing from the heart.