Have you ever wanted to change you’re perspective?

The Newer View is a blog about looking for new ways of seeing life and everything about it through expanding perception and evolving consciousness: how we think, how we see and interpret experience. Things move on, such as technology, style, relationships and more.

It is not focused on what’s trending in social media. It is aimed at glimpsing the leading edge, what’s being envisioned, created and helping the collective movement toward personal success and thinking upgrades. I also share some of my own perception shifts and new paradigm adventures, those which offer food for thought on new views.

The blog aims to present ways to navigate the greater ocean of consciousness for stimulating your own visions. Its a place where ideas can inspire movement and eliminate stagnancy in the area of thinking. Waking up the mind is like an exhilarating morning stretch that tells us we are fully alive and ready for the world. It’s no fun being stuck in the mud.