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Iyana Rashill

I write about ideas that hopefully stimulate others in consciousness expansion and exploration. It's no fun being stuck in the mud.

The Queen of Sheba as (She Soul)

Most people believe that the Queen of Sheba went to visit King Solomon to receive his wisdom and never look at what he received from her as an anointed flow of illuminating wisdom he hadn’t before encountered. To make this... Continue Reading →

The Metaphysical Considerations of Corona Virus

Interestingly, all things happening on earth tell us something about the state of humanity crying out. The Corona Virus may very well be one of those cries. While corona typically means crown, and I’ll get to that, my first association... Continue Reading →

The Book of Faces

As I began writing this post, the words surfaced: Facebook should be called a Book of Faces, but what exactly was I really trying to relay here. It is the question "Do you have an authentic voice (personal speak) which... Continue Reading →

Have a Relationship With Symbols

As word thinkers, we have long preferred words over symbols, yet, something in symbology attracted us, calls to us. Add to this, our trying to speak to what doesn’t speak in ways beyond words. From those who speak to plants,... Continue Reading →

Is The New Paradigm Old News

There are many shifts in consciousness occurring these days due to distaste in the place we found ourselves in whether yesterday or yesteryear. Change is constantly in the air even when nobody is noticing. We are developing and moving into... Continue Reading →

A Number Eleven Flow

Does the Universe around us have a fundamental structure that can be glimpsed through special numbers? While this article might lean to the number 137, know that 1+3+7=11 and this post is about number 11. I haven't posted to the... Continue Reading →

About Your Piece of the Puzzle

You matter in this world more than you may realize. Each of us is a piece of the world puzzle. Our role as a piece of the puzzle is to evolve the picture with our personal dynamics. When we change... Continue Reading →

The Sacred Heart Tremor

Today I read about the “Galactic Heartbeat of Natural Flow” in the Mayan Oracle. It caught my attention more so because years back I learned of the sacred tremor of the heart which is stimulated by the first primordial throb... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Stepping Outside of Your Agenda

We all have our agendas whether projects or soul purpose. We’ve been taught to set destinations and reach them. We’ve been taught to have goals and to attain them. As all coins have a flip side, so does agenda, which... Continue Reading →

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