You matter in this world more than you may realize. Each of us is a piece of the world puzzle. Our role as a piece of the puzzle is to evolve the picture with our personal dynamics. When we change how our piece looks. By doing so we alter the bigger picture. That one piece makes all the other pieces ask, wow, what happened here. The piece fits but it’s different and unique. Then they look at other pieces which are unique and ironically, eventually they get jealous that they are not unique. New pieces become the leaders of a new picture. All lives eventually reach the place of dialogue of asking, what have I done with my life. Did I live? Was I a robot? No longer do we have to wait until we are older to say, what have I done with my life?

The old way is that everyone wants to be like the other. This is why when you alter the picture it is easy for them to want to be like you. You’ve probably heard people say they wish they had the courage, stamina, wit or otherwise as someone else. We are all mirrors for others. This is the evolved version to when many of us have had days, months or years where we thought we didn’t matter. We judged this by love and acceptance, whether from parents, lovers, friends, peers, personal accomplishments and in job performance. While having social skills in these areas of human interaction has its place, it is not what makes our worth. Yet, we all too often look outward for personal value. These are all superficial levels of exchange. No one knows how we truly feel about anything except us. Therein is the key – what does this or that make you feel. When outer circumstances crash, many people tend to crash with the outer phenomena. Personal power comes in when you understand your inner domain, such as how to understand emotions and redirect them. It is an evolution from emotional train wrecks to using emotional energy for something beneficial. The heart is always growing.

Inner peace practices help, but there is more to life than an inner monk and outer social game. There is inner intelligence and your connection with the greater Universal consciousness. Why is this helpful? Because no one has to agree or support your choice to be one with inner intelligence and the greater ocean of consciousness and this personal choice for your well-being is the greatest choice in the world. When you become this, you are empowered by wisdom, not just peace and indifference. You come to see how all those external games work and you become the infinite player and no longer the finite follower.

We all have our daily routines we pursue and call it our life. The evolution asks, is it really our LIFE?

What does your mind do to you? Does it take you on unnecessary visions? That is not the evolutionary adventure’s aim. We all want prosperous visions. That is LIFE, the vital LIFE, not the superficial exchange. When you can see this YOU, then you are truly living. Throw a new picture on your piece of the puzzle and insight an evolution.