Today I read about the “Galactic Heartbeat of Natural Flow” in the Mayan Oracle. It caught my attention more so because years back I learned of the sacred tremor of the heart which is stimulated by the first primordial throb of movement. And, yesterday I was reading about the Adinkra Symbol of the heart called Akoma, which implies a Universal living breathing principle which speaks “Have heart in your stomach.” The synchronicity was a nice push into this article / contemplation.

We often see the sacred heart as residing in our chest because our natural heart resides there. Yet, the heart pumps blood to every aspect of our being for living energy. It pumps oxygen to the brain, fights infection, carries nutrients, hormones and proteins. If not for the rhythm of the heartbeat, death would arrive. Imagine now the flow of a Galactic Heart or a Universal Heart keeping the universe alive, its ancient primordial throb keeping all planetary life nourished and healthy in the sense of atmospheric flow, tides, gravity, etc. Then reverse it back: your heart also contains the ancient primordial sacred tremor.

Then we have the heart and stomach connection. The area of the stomach is called the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus in the East. Interesting names in this contemplation.  The Sacral Chakra is connected with the emotional body, creativity and sensuality (aspects of being creators of life). It has also been labeled a ‘vital force’.

It may still be difficult to imagine the idea of your heart in your stomach area but take the activity of patience and tolerance, usually applied as heart phenomena. Where in our body do we become impatient? For me, it is in my stomach area. My heart just keeps beating. My nerves are riled in my stomach. My anxiety is in the stomach area. According to the Agbo people, the Akoma symbol says, “when a person has a heart in his stomach” that person is very tolerant.

The Solar Plexus represents the essential part of our body’s nervous system which pumps metabolism and causes emotional flux. If you are hit in the solar plexus it is an experience of having the wind knocked out of you, but it is the sacred rhythm which halts, if only for a moment. The in and out of breath ceases. This is a life center.

In mystical ideals this area wears a crown of intelligence, our core intelligence. It is from the solar plexus that we radiate our power or light, yet so many stories have it coming from our chest or the top of our head. Thus, this sacred heart in the stomach gets pushed aside in favor of a higher consciousness above the head, not even in our body. The loss of ‘core consciousness’ promotion brings suffrage to our internal power. It cause us to forget about the stomach heart.

The Japanese call this area the hara, which I have mentioned briefly before. It rises again in this mysterious contemplation of heart in the stomach area. The Japanese say one is not trusted if they speak from the larynx and not the hara / belly area. In biology this is the area of the diaphragm where singers lift their voice from. Truth sings like the singer, from deep in the central sacred stomach / heart area.

Does your stomach heart sing?