We all have our agendas whether projects or soul purpose. We’ve been taught to set destinations and reach them. We’ve been taught to have goals and to attain them.

As all coins have a flip side, so does agenda, which is something we pride as hyper-focus. We set our sights on the prize and go. We feel focused. Let’s ask if hyper-focus on our own agenda is healthy? Does it have any side-effects which limit us. Can we take another approach? Is there any benefit in taking small peeks outside of our own headway.

The article also takes a look at the idea of stimulus and resonance in regards to our agenda and focus.

Many people know that stepping back and taking a second look at their work with a new angle of perspective proves beneficial. They saw the beauty of that small peek, the new view and added angles. In spiritual perspectives this could save a person from cult indoctrination. Others have deemed such a second look as a waste of precious time, applauding focus. Others see second guessing as an act of perfectionism not noticing that their own quality of work has gone downhill because of rushing to get the agenda done. They didn’t notice the flip side of the coin. By not taking a second look or seeing the flip side of their hyper-focused actions they undermined their own work. They put out less than quality material because of this rush and limitation of sight, bringing humanity unbalanced goods and services. It’s like being in a state of hypnotized fog. I like to call that type of focus – fuk’us.  Does that make sense? Its like saying I am so focused that nothing else matters including f’in it up.

There are still others which will act only on resonance or vibration during the agenda’s operation. This too requires a peek outside of the box every now and then. Fewer still are they who understand the power of expansion stimulus beyond what they resonate with.

In the arena of the mind, we often neglect new stimulus, energy refills or coming up for air. Something in our thinking has told us hyper-focus on our agenda is necessary. This flow with the agenda has its place as does climbing to shore and watching the river rapids go by for a minute so we’re not water logged or banged against the rocks. Do you take time to peek outside of your agenda, or do you see it as a distraction from what you are doing? Does agenda’s rapids put you in precarious situations?

In a world where ‘stimulus’ is the key to human progress, we might want to revisit total hyper-focus and see what we might be missing by not taking small peeks outside of the agenda’s box. Sometimes, stimulus asks us to move our sight a bit. It is a nudge which actually has a beneficial aim.

Stimulus is happening everywhere for life to carry on. Internally we are building proteins, ions are sparking and neurons are clicking because of stimulus. Outside of us, people, problems, proposals and possibility are actively stimulating. It is how life is animated, maintained and re-created – by all kinds of stimulus.

In this era of awareness and consciousness expansion, multi-tasking and juggling different aspects of our life, we have to admit that we know about stimulus. Sometimes we even wish for moments of calm. To see past the idea of stimulus interference to stimulus being a positive nudge ask, does your mind actively join in with the knowing of stimulus and look for its assistance, or, is stimulus packed away in the basement or attic as a bothersome component in life, maybe it’s locked away in an old file cabinet with the hope that it will stay put. Maybe its been shredded in favor of hyper-focus. Why do we think further stimulus is not necessary? When we stop stimulus in our lives we become stagnant.

Let’s look at it from the idea of resonance. Are you a person who has embraced the word ‘resonate’? Do you walk your life path according to what feels vibrationally aligned with your mindset? Many spiritual seekers have come to like the word ‘resonance’. It has become a new awareness in this new age. When new ideas or messages come our way, we ask ourselves if that guidance resonates with us. Take a moment to see the deeper aspect of what we are doing when we chose by what is resonating. We’re not taking a peek outside of our agenda. We’re becoming bias and locked in perspective.

In spiritual agendas, no matter what we claim as our belief, the Universe’s synchronicity sends us all types of messages or guidance which comes our way in odd forms. These bestowals of nudges are universally perfect for us, but something within tells a person not to look at that because it doesn’t resonate. They turn down jobs or peeks outside of the agenda’s box because it doesn’t resonate. Do you realize that alternative resonance is stimulation for potential? When we don’t it means the ego just spit in the Universe’s face? It said “Universe, I don’t care about further potential. I am staying right here.” The mouth and mind are saying, I don’t resonate. That’s not for me. I know what I’m doing. Yup, the word resonate is an ego developed phrase. It has me, me, me, all in it. There is no gratitude for Universal wisdom nudges.

Granted, there is a difference from Universal nudges and people pushes. Knowing the difference comes in handy, but what spiritual person would spit on Universal assistance and guidance with an ego based term ‘it doesn’t resonate’.

When we don’t look at the other side of the coin of any agenda goal, we undermine ourselves. Staying focused for your project, your soul growth in a fast-paced society in order to get closer to your own accomplishments is a very important aspect of success, but looking up when the universe stops in is extremely valuable. Adding a peek at what synchronicity brings us which is outside of our agenda for continued stimulation is just as crucial a life element as breathing.

Have you taken a peek outside of your agenda lately?