Life is funny. I was going through old papers and found this poem/prose I wrote in 1997:

Know Thyself

If you do not teach yourself, someone else will define your existence and purpose. You shall take on the ways of someone else’s perception and never connect with the essence and uniqueness of the internal you.

Knowing the self means that you make acquaintance with your central core (past, present and future) and understand how it emanates and connects to the entirety of the life experience. The choice is simply this: You can live your life in cosmic bliss or cloned ignorance.

Knowing who you are empowers you. You become a rock immovable by random opinion, steadfast in your universal pursuits. Here is where you discover the treasure map of individualism yet connect with all life.

You will discover your personal inherited gifts, and, the much sought for, eternal peace. You will be free from the constant questing down delusional roads of false needs. You will no longer need external gratification to make you complete.

Your existence will no longer need to be validated by the world or anyone’s opinion. You shall be certain which direction you will travel, of which costume adorns your soul and have your very own design for living.

Knowing yourself enables you to see, feel and understand an invisible realm of intuitive guidance and vibrations. Here telepathy and vision have a chance to be born and calm comes mystically in the midst of life’s storms.

But knowing the self requires the will to seek and receive new truth. It requires that you be willing to feel and live these discovered realities in a world whose perception will conflict from yours. But do not fear. There are whole communities of people on every level of consciousness that will meet you when you arrive.

Here you shall experience a love that cannot presently be fathomed, as a side-effect of the peace that comes when you know the self, the mission and become aware of moving in the light of consciousness liberation.

Iyana Rashil