A friend once said to me, “There are whole communities of people on every level of consciousness.” It was one of those wisdom messages which has traveled with me through life as an actual experience. I’ve experienced many communities of consciousness as many of you probably have. Each one held a beautiful adventure and consciousness findings.

Fitting in and what happens to those of us who don’t fit in becomes the extension to this idea. While there are many communities of consciousness, where do the authentic fit in and what should you feel when you prefer genuine authenticity over being like others?

The reason we initially travel through communities of consciousness is to find where we belong. We look for what feels right and makes us comfortable in our own skin. We’re looking to identify. It’s when we don’t fit in anywhere that the journey starts raising internal questions such as why am I not like anyone. How come I cannot find my tribe? Many did not realize then or now that they are genuinely authentic.

Most outsiders tend to just conclude that they are weird when they don’t fit in. Many go home and zone out feeling unaccepted, while others go home and bring forth vision from the quiet and create. Those who create decided that rather than hanging around people who do not accept them because they are not like them, they’ll dive deep into whatever comes up from within them. Even at that point they still fail to realize why they were weirdly ostracized.

Authenticity means that those who don’t fit in are the out-of-the-box people. They go where their authentic self leads. This happy wanderer journey doesn’t make many friends but, because of this rejection, solitude and wandering it tends to lead into finding things everyone else walked by. These finds may be huge in scope or little tidbits of personal soul wealth and they weren’t far from the fleeting crowds. They were right there just outside of the box. Those jewels are for outsiders who look where others do not.

The liberation I found in this new view, I pass on to you. Consider this: when you feel alone you may hang your head down, but what do you see? You can look more closely at your steps. This leads to your knowing you and the divine mysteries which exist within you. Where are your steps taking you? Look past the emotion of what it feels to be alone outside of the box. Look hard at the unique place you stand. Don’t look at the negatives your mind might create. Look at the pursuits which others ignore. Hey, maybe you’ll find a 100 dollar bill on the ground. So, cheer up about the looking down. There are jewels to be found.

What stimulated this post was a note I wrote to myself years back:

There are whole communities of people on every level of consciousness, including the community of you. In those ‘you’ communities there are those who are aware of moving in the light of an authentic liberated life, free from the constant questing down delusionary roads of false selves. But…knowing your authentic self’s community of you requires a willingness to know yourself and a desire to feel and live those discovered realities in a world whose perception may sometimes be in conflict with yours.

I no longer see this weirdness of me as a conflict or rejection, but as a stimulus for authentic expression.

Good Journey to All.