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The Sacred Heart Tremor

Today I read about the “Galactic Heartbeat of Natural Flow” in the Mayan Oracle. It caught my attention more so because years back I learned of the sacred tremor of the heart which is stimulated by the first primordial throb... Continue Reading →

What is an Evolution of Consciousness?

Let’s continue to investigate for ourselves. Should we trust anyone and everyone who teaches the ‘Evolution of Consciousness’? Some thought leaders are trying to work for the evolution of consciousness. The question is whether these agents of the evolution are... Continue Reading →

The Magick of Equilibrium and the Rise of Beat Doctors: Music Continues to Save Us

This post is about how music comes to save us from things we don’t know are hurting us, such as the effects of infrasound, negative electromagnetic waves and positive ions in the air.  The focus in this post is how... Continue Reading →

Unnecessary Visions

Have you ever wished the random thoughts in your head would cease? I had a good friend who taught me a new technique for shifting random thoughts in the mind to other thoughts that were worthy of contemplation. In other... Continue Reading →

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