Have you ever wished the random thoughts in your head would cease?

I had a good friend who taught me a new technique for shifting random thoughts in the mind to other thoughts that were worthy of contemplation. In other words, when your mind tells you that you are not good enough, for an example, how do you deal with it? Do you try positive thinking, deep breathing or prayer?

My friend was rather raw. He would put his hand up to the air and exclaim, “Unnecessary M’tha F’kin Vision,” to his own mind. He would then shake his head and carry on. There are softer approaches, but the no frills technique gives a serious push to the unnecessary visions.


My approach to the unnecessary thoughts rising up or coming on me was a bit different. I would brush down both of my arms, one at a time with the opposite hand and wipe the bad vibes off, call on my deity of choice, do a little shake and carry on, but his term ‘unnecessary visions’ really stuck and added to the power of my previous technique which mostly dealt with brushing off anxiety.

The idea of palm-face took on new meaning. It can be used in an enlightened way. Instead of shutting someone up and stressing that I do not want to listen, I use this act for shutting down thoughts in my own mind. It is power-packed. Palm up to the air, “Unnecessary M’tha F’kin Vision.”denial-500

Many people have moments of battle with their own mind telling them things they do not wish to dwell on. I know I do. Maybe you can relate. Either method of escaping weighted thoughts which ruins the moment works for me because the body and the mind unite to overcome thought barrages.

Most negative thinking comes into our minds and takes over causing depression, sadness, the sense of feeling defeated or giving up and more. We worry that we won’t get the job, the girl, the guy, the loan, finish the book or project, etc. No one has to let this happen when they become conscious of the fact that they are simply annoying thoughts.

Have you ever heard this chant when you were younger: “Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me.” This was taught to help us remain strong against the bullying from others, but what about the bullying we do to ourselves in our own minds? We do not have to accept any idea we do not want to. They say if you practice something for 21 days you can make a change. “Unnecessary Visions”…with or without cuss words, has power.

This is an act of taking control of how you think without some lifelong practice of meditation for controlling the mind. Simply wipe it off or do my friends palm-face to the air and shout (or mumble if in public) Unnecessary M’tha F’kin Vision and be done with it. This clears the way for real beneficial vision and focus on goals and dreams.

May your visions be the ones you do not have to palm-face…

Do you have any techniques you created that work for you? Feel free to share in the comment section below.