Let’s continue to investigate for ourselves.

Should we trust anyone and everyone who teaches the ‘Evolution of Consciousness’?

Some thought leaders are trying to work for the evolution of consciousness. The question is whether these agents of the evolution are helpful or hindering our growth. In the evolution of consciousness, there are a few new ideas out there for evolving our consciousness, most concern coming together, sharing and caring, one love and unity, but we are still not healed from the biggest disease – duality thinking, this or that, us and them, him and I, her and I, unity or not unified, oneness or separation.

Many talk about unity and oneness, but still have opposing ideas. For example, for some, unity is better than the singular personal experience, those who indulge in unity consciousness still experience the opposition to those still developing self. They will think the other is not in unity consciousness yet, and the seeker of self will think the unity minded hasn’t found self…see? Each part of the universal puzzle is only one small piece of a very large universal potential…just a small piece.

So, what do we do?

An evolution is an eternal ideal. There never is one answer, so any who say they have found THE KEY, should be seen as bringing a limitation to our growth. This is not to say these agents aren’t helpful in some way. In an evolution everything is a part of the movement forward. The trap to look out for is if they say ‘this is it’. Our human evolution never stops. There will always be more. Those who admit this and teach this are bringing liberation not limitation.

So, who is a true evolutionary thinker?

Dualistic minds are not. Dualistic thinking is where these innumerable limitations of ‘this is it’ can be found. Look into the leader’s head by listening to what they say. Are they dual? Do they talk about right and wrong, better than and less than, or change as if something is in error? An evolution is a continual forward life moment, like breath, like vital life force. Evolutionary thinking brings vision which helps us all evolve. Even the negative has worked to reveal alternatives. Everything can reveal if we look, such as how negative and positive charges work together to create energy.

In a world where there is nothing new under the sun, what matters is how we evolve what we have. When our thinking arrives at understanding that we are always moving into the new and even the old is coming along for the ride, then we are truly evolving. When thinking stays the same, we are not. We have to investigate whether our old is in movement or stagnant. Imagine a stagnant pool or puddle with mosquitoes and bacteria growing in it. Now imagine a flowing river smoothing over the hard rocks below.

The first clue I found to look for seeing limitation is an old one most of us know: Doing the same thing expecting different results is insanity. We should all know this prompt. Then, Buckminster Fuller told us, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model…” Building a new model with old tools can be daunting, so where does the new come from.

How does an inventor think? How does a theoretical physicist think? How does a science fiction writer think? How did the ancients receive from the gods or the universe? Consider Nikola Tesla, Einstein or a simple regular guy who comes to realize that empty liter bottles can make houses and lighting in third world countries. We typically call these people innovative creative idea makers, but what if they are actually idea receivers? I suppose this is a bit deep, but hey…

In ancient times there were many new spiritual ideals coming in. Of course, these new views were called heresies. Times have changed. Today, ancient heresies have been accepted and cherished with such vehemence, we call them ancient wisdom and swear by these ancient sources as the ‘know all’ of anything spiritual without considering that we still need new streams of consciousness coming in. Many have been captured by this type of concrete thinking which doesn’t allow new thoughts in.

Have you ever heard the term jumping out of the frying pan into the fire? It implies that when we attempt to overcome anything we feel to be negative in our life, we simply jump into another pan that burns us just as bad, if not worse. This is jumping within the collective mind pool, which is predominantly dualistic, comparative and this or that. The Matrix movie gives us a good example of getting out of the collective pool for looking in from the outside, then stepping back in. The new view requires that outside perspective.

For a receptivity perspective we can visualize high cell towers, antennae and space satellites receiving and sending? If we can invent those tools of receptivity, then we have the ability within to also be it, in some relative way. I am not saying psychic abilities although that’s one way. This example is about idea receiving. It requires coming up out of the concrete thinking in the collective pool.

Then there are opposition principles holding so many back from their evolution. One ideal is the non-dual mind for an attempt at overcoming duality. Non-duality is still in opposition to the dual but is blinded that this is true. It claims it is liberated from the dual, but the dual is its lingering enemy. This higher non-dual mind has not figured out how to evolve the dual. Most tunnels of thinking leave us blind in this way. It is only when we evolve duality (not with non-duality) that we can truly say we too have evolved because duality is the predominant thinking system in the collective pool.

Even when we think we have acquired the positive mind, it is still in opposition to the negative and another trap of limitation or escapism.

The new model is merger. It’s not balance. It’s not compromise. It’s merger. This ideal is hidden in nature if we look, but that is another article for another day. This one is getting long winded.

If evolutionary ideas come from somewhere, then where? First let’s look at where it doesn’t come from. Imagine pulling from the collective pool of consciousness. It still recorded thoughts and what is written. Mystics know that this is the great abyss which is never ending, circular, chaotic and without healing or evolutionary paths to further awakening. Call it Pan’s labyrinth. You can travel in it for repeated lifetimes and still not find what you’re looking for.

Dion Fortune, an early 1900’s mystic, found the answer in part. She said, you can only make a new world for yourself if you can get through the ring-pass-not. That is where the focus should be. She also said, when stresses and resistances cease, then shall humanity be at the zenith of their evolution.

It is only evolutionary when we evolve the old paradigm ideas. So, if you’ve exhausted all available soul paths with ‘what is written’ and so and so says, and still find yourself embedded with comparison or opposition thinking what do you do or why didn’t anything change, start by looking for the receptive attribute. Where exactly is receptivity outside of the abyss, the box or the tunnel? It’s on the other side of the ring-pass-not, a step outside of the pool for a moment. It is not in another box.

Tracey Chapman once sang about new beginnings. She said in part, “…Make new symbols. Make new signs.  Make a new language. We can redesign the world…Change our lives and paths….”

Granted we still have to go to work and play the game, but do you even give ten minutes a day toward this aim of evolution and receiving the new. What are you doing toward this aim? Have you ever written a quote of your own that you coined? Anything? It’s worth meditating on.

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