This post is about how music comes to save us from things we don’t know are hurting us, such as the effects of infrasound, negative electromagnetic waves and positive ions in the air.  The focus in this post is how infrasound is equalized by the trance aspect of beats and loops, while the magic of equilibrium is a wider spread ideal.

So, what is infrasound, how does it hurt us and how does music heal it?

Infrasound is widely reported to be effecting human health in a negative way without scientific or therapeutic understanding of how to heal the effects. It consists of sound waves lower than what we audibly pick up on. Imagine unheard waves of sound going through your body and realize that these invisible waves can actually cause havoc with our health.

The magic of equilibrium as it is being used here is for how the occurrence is healed or brought back into balance magically, mysteriously and via the universe by modern music with an ancient healing element – trance.

“The Magic of Equilibrium” was once coined by Eliphas Levi as a magical way in which  neutralization occurs between opposing forces without conscious intention to do so. By looking at infrasound and trance music as balancing forces, unrelated and unconsciously arising to perform universal equilibrium, future studies can be kindled with this natural occurrence in mind.

My involvement with looking for the healing modality for infrasound came due to a recent request for submissions by Cambridge Magazine for articles on Magic and Music. After some research of our own, a friend and I decided to submit an idea entitled “The Magic of Equilibrium: Infra Sound meets Trance Loops and Beats.” It was a cutting edge idea on how the universe supplies us with healing for negative phenomena which arises in the human experience.

This approach came about because I make Orgone Pyramids which transmute negative electromagnetic energy into positive. Electromagnetic frequency is on the rise through wireless devices, cell phone towers, microwave emissions, even wires in the walls and cause anxiety among other symptoms. We are also being effected by an overabundance of positive ions (yes, the positive ions) in the air are making us ill and lethargic, dummying us down while we are not aware what is happening. A good book on how positive ions are health contaminants is “The Ion Effect” by Fred Soyka. In short we know that waterfalls and beach spray are good for us. This is because of the negative ions (which are the good ones). These labels are seemingly backwards but not so. It is for this reason that the creation of negative ion generators came about – too many positive ions in the air. Technology invents without realizing it is playing a role in the magic of equilibrium.

Knowing orgone and ions intricately and their magical risings to equalize the imbalance, this made us look to see how many magically arisen healing methods have arrived via this type of synchronistic magical manner. We found that the universe is faithful in its magical means to bring us healing of all types. Humans are problem solvers and tool makers. May we never cease to evolve using these skills. Now, back to the point….

Why and how do loops and beats and the Beat Doctor come into play?

Musical healing studies tend to use classical, jazz and pop as their basis for healing. These genres do not contain repetitive beats or loops which create a trance state as in modern trance music which has evolved from tribal drums to electronic repetitions. Beat Doctors understand how to use beats per minute in a similar fashion as tribal drummers do to create a symbiotic unity with trance dancers to generate alternative states.

The reason trance dancing has supreme benefits is that the dancers body moving keeps them grounded, or what is called ego aware while they enter the beneficial hypnotics of the music. This state is also generated by a secondary trance generating loop to keep one aware while trancing. This is why modern techno music works and its meditative trance state heals.

Modern trance music is being approached here as a direct technological antidote rising to fight off the side-effects of infrasound on human health. Not all music listeners will be naturally drawn to electronica or this type of dancing. There are other ways to access trance states which expand the equilibration potential against infrasounds ill-effects. You will have to seek them out. They need to be repetitious sound tracks with a secondary loop according to Dennis R. Wier in “Trance: from magic to technology”.

Trance, as a healing element has been with us for millennia. What we noticed by looking into this topic was how trance healing methods were arising in the mainstream technological world. Most music today is made by beats and loops. I found it amazing. We’re being healed not knowing we were ill or needed healing. This is the Magic of Equilibrium.

More recently a study came out on sound waves healing cancer. We also know how sound tones form sacred geometries as done with sand on metal plates using tone and vibration called cymatics.  This YouTube video reveals such dynamics.

Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

The positive effects of music and trance states on damaged physiological and psychological conditions are rising into the public sphere. Music therapy is bound to find how modern loops and beats in electronically generated music can heal or counteract infrasound effects and reestablish the equilibrium.