This post is written because I wanted to know if Internet associations for the number 11 were true as well as how meanings were derived for placing 11:11 together.  In order to dive into this investigation I calculated the associations of one article in print on their number 11:11 associations. I found that much of what was being said in that post is true while some of the associations were not exactly on cue but close and worthy of investigation for evolving consciousness.

My dive into number 11 meanings proved revealing. The master number eleven is truly a powerful number for evolution of consciousness messages. The journey held treasure.

Evidence of Alignments

Abraham Hicks is said to have mentioned that “11:11 is the Universe knocking itself out to give you evidence of your alignment.”

Is it true?

Numerologically speaking? Yes.

Numerologically, ‘The Universe’ = 285 35945915 = 56 = 11


‘Alignment Message’ = 139754552 4511175 = 65 = 11

The two terms together total = 11:11

This suggests Abraham Hicks is correct in that 11:11 is the universe sending a message that you are in alignment. ‘Evidence of your alignments’ also equals 11 (119 = 11). Notice that ‘alignments’ in this phrase is plural, meaning the more you see 11:11 the more the alignments are happening for you. Many people think that ideas such as enlightenment or alignment is a onetime thing. More enlightenment keeps coming as do further alignments.

We can all keep up the good work.

The Cosmic Cheerleader

When I heard that 11:11 was a cosmic cheerleader I rolled my eyes. After looking it up I had to humble myself. It does indeed equal 11. With the Cosmic Cheerleader as 11, not 11:11, we would need another term or word to accompany it for it to equal 11:11. The ‘cosmic cheerleader’ ‘talking’ would be 11:11, since  ‘talking’ equals 11.

Two other terms were added in the article. They were ‘Supportive Parent’ which didn’t equate to 11 and your ‘Cosmic Best Friend’ which does equal 11. However, if they would have said ‘Supportive Parents’ (11), in plural, it would have equaled 11. Makes sense to have two parents since to be born we need both a mother and father.

Who Is Talking?

The writers of 11:11 associations say the universe or spirit realm is speaking.  ‘The Universe’ equals 11 as does ‘The Spirit Realm’. Thus ‘The Universe’ ‘Talking’, would be 11:11 as would be ‘The Spirit Realm’, ‘Talking’ be 11:11.

I never considered the Universe and Spirit realm guidance as being like cheerleaders, friends and parents. It appears that the number eleven is speaking in a variety of cosmic personas.

The Heart, Inner Intuition and Soul Speak

The article had said, 11:11 asks us to “Pay attention to our heart, our soul and inner intuition.” If it would have said ‘Pay attention to (y)our heart’, ‘soul speak’ and ‘inner intuition’, there would be three 11’s (11 11 11). Powerful!

Pay Attention to your Heart = 110 = 11

Inner Intuition = 83 = 11


Soul Speak  = 29 = 11

11 11 11

If you don’t like 110 as an eleven term, ‘Listen to your Heart’ equals 83/11. Either way, it’s a nice triple eleven message.


The article then says, “Seeing this particular sequence means that the universe is trying to have us open our eyes and begin paying more attention to the synchronicities around us.”

Open your eyes and pay attention = 11

See = 11, Synchronicity = 11 = 11:11

See = 11 Synchronistic Experiences = 11 = 11:11

They ‘scored right on’ and ‘scored right on’ equals 11. They are certainly coming through with  numerological actualities.

Auspicious Sign

The article says that some authors see the sighting of 11:11 is an auspicious sign. It is true.

Auspicious Sign = 65 = 11

Focus and Intention

The article spoke of things to do when seeing 11:11. It said the sighting 11:11 meant to ‘focus your intention.

Focus Your Intention = 92 = 11

This term stands alone as an 11 message. What can we add to it?

Focus Your Intention (11) on (11) wisdom (11).

11 11 11

Focus Your Intention (11) on (11) number eleven guidance (11).

Focus Your Intention (11) on (11) possibility (11).

Focus Your Intention (11) on (11) abundance (11).

Focus Your Intention (11) on (11) progression (11).

After these messages some non-alignments are mentioned. For example, one author is quoted as saying 11:11 equals the sun twice. Well, sun equals 9 and two 9’s equal 18, so how did this author figure that? Be careful of who you listen to. Use a numerology calculator. There are many free ones online.

Also, some writers say that 11 is also 2. It is not. Master numbers do not get calculated down.

This article I was researching admits:

“Numerology reduces all multi-digit numbers to the single-digit numbers 1 through 9 with the exception of the three Master numbers 11, 22 and 33. These three Master numbers in many cases are not reduced and have a specific set of attributes that sets them apart from all other numbers. Numerology enthusiasts and practitioners have always been especially excited about Master numbers because, as the name implies, they represent something above and beyond the mundane.”

Twin Flames

The idea that 11:11 means twin flames was sadly not calculable but I found some work arounds. The closest I could get was that the evolution would “highly enhance the spiritual growth between lovers.” This does equal 11.

Highly enhance the spiritual growth between lovers = 227 = 11

The writer then says “they will be someone who makes us want to become a better person.” This equals 222. (Nice numerology, even though it doesn’t equal 11).

The mention of “One source of energy” or from “one energy” didn’t reveal an alignment to the number 11. ‘One soul’ equals 11.

Then ‘one soul split in half’ equaled 11. One might then say, well, then it does equal twin flames or twin souls. ‘Two flames’ equals 33 which is also a wonderful master number, but not eleven.

Why does it matter? Because of the ‘energy’ (11) consciousness is not the ‘energy’ (11) of 33 consciousness. Thirty three energy is unique from eleven energy. If, in truth, ‘twin flame is a 33 energy then let’s relate to it that way.

Investigate for Yourself = 111

Why? It is better to walk in alignment with energies then against them or across a rapid river flow. Maybe the real quest is finding alignment with energies or currents. Anyone of us can choose to do so, each choice with a different experience. These misalignments are why we experience hard roads we call karma.  ‘A cure for karma is alignment’ (11). Its a longer story but you get the point, right? Are we fighting the stream, trying to cross it or aligned with it?

There are two investigative questions we can ask:

1. Is the word twins really what this idea is saying in Twin Flames? What’s you experience with it?

They are actually two halves of a flame. Imagine a flame and split it in half. If you have ever watched flames they are always in motion and never exactly the same on both sides. I personally considered this and saw its importance in the evolution of consciousness.

Invisible Thread

None of the other twin flame ideas equaled 11 until ‘invisible thread’ which connects the two disconnected souls. Invisible equals 11 and thread equals 11. Together they equal an 11:11 message.

This led me to believe we can evolve the story of twin flames. While twin flame may be a great metaphor, and experience if you have met someone who fits perfectly with you, if we are looking for flames rather than an invisible thread from our soul to theirs, we might miss the opportunity of union. Please note that a ‘thread’ is not a cord. To this end we need clarity. Spirit cords and invisible threads are not the same topic.

Something I am working on discusses this ‘invisible’ (11) ‘thread’ (11) and the ‘cosmic weaves’ (11) in the evolution. Thread is going to be an important word ‘up ahead’ (11) in humanity’s evolution.

So, the new Twin Flame story can be: When you ‘see’ (11) the ‘invisible’ (11) ‘thread’ (11) know that a ‘cosmic weave’ (11) is ‘up ahead’ (11).

11 11 11 11 11

That is the end of this little investigation. I’ve spent the last year or more looking for 11:11 messages. It has been quite the journey. Because I began writing a book, before I published it, I wanted to make sure that 11:11 Messages were all on the same page.

Thinking for ourselves is the new evolutionary way of living. Question everything.

At the end of my investigation I realized that these were surface associations with no real in-depth teachings or tools to walk away with. I continued my investigation and found over 3,000 11:11 associations of my own.

Investigate for Yourself = 111

is only one of them….

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