Does the Universe around us have a fundamental structure that can be glimpsed through special numbers? While this article might lean to the number 137, know that 1+3+7=11 and this post is about number 11.

I haven’t posted to the Newer View in awhile due to spending time writing several books. My boss in this case is the Master Number Eleven. Sound bizarre? It is. Years ago, Carl Jung said “a number would speak to us if given a chance.” Being a person who this is happening to, I can tell you that his foresight is true and not so woo-hoo as you may at first think. I am not hearing voices in my head. I am writing then calculating and ironically, so much of what is written equals 11.

From physics, mathematics and science, to mysticism and even among  Kabbalah practitioners, the number 137, which equals 11, may just be the most important number in the universe and us regular people can receive from it. Why does 137 matter in my post on number 11 and my experience? Because it reveals I am not the only person the Master Number is speaking with or has spoken to and that the information 11 brings is not trivial. I am also saying that I believe the mystery behind the number 137 is 11.

Over a century ago, physicists discovered something they called the ‘dimensionless constant’ known more commonly today as the fine-structure constant. They named it 1/137. The oddity caught my attention because a friend was reading a book called 137. The book is predominantly about conversations between Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung.  I immediately noticed that 137 equaled 11 (1+3+7=11) since I had already begun receiving number eleven dialogue. This wouldn’t have been so bizarre except the oddities unfolded beyond 137 equaling 11. Using numerology, the words ‘One Hundred and Thirty Seven’ = 111 and the ‘Dimensionless Constant’ for which 1/137 is named for also equals 11. This caught my attention leaving the question. Was number eleven speaking to physicists as Carl Jung predicted a number would, but they didn’t realize it?

So far, I have received over 4,000 number eleven transmissions as I call them by staying in tune to the number eleven transmissions. In the latest book, whole sentences are equaling eleven. I am now sensing a power with eleven’s relationship to language since if it were another number, say number 8, the conversation would be different. In relation to a number and how it has a particular story to tell, and maybe even something more important to relay, an academic conversation by Arthur I. Miller, author and professor at the University College in London, gives us another angle of perspective to this idea of different types of conversations, saying that the fine-structure constant “determines the distance between an atom’s spectral lines, which are the atom’s DNA.” Miller goes on to explain, “…and so it is one of those numbers that is at the root of the universe. If it were any other value then the structure of matter would be very different, and so us too.” I will say here, that their changing the term ‘dimensionless constant’ to ‘fine-structure constant’ may have been a mistake since the latter is not an eleven equivalent, maybe cutting off their delivery of the communications from 11. But, who am I? Just a guess.

During my work with the number eleven, I have discovered that it is a number speaking for a greater source. The number is the transmitter, not the destination source. Particularly, it is a transmitter of evolutionary messages from cosmos, call it God, call it the Universe and call it mysterious. The word God or the words ‘God speak’ do not equal 11, however. ‘The Universe‘ equals 11. The ‘Dimensionless Constant’ equals 11, ‘The Cosmos has Her own way of speaking‘ equals 11. And, ‘Eleven is speaking‘ equals 11. Speaking for who or what isn’t as important right now as the messages it brings. Profoundly, this dialogue of the Master Number Eleven as speaking from the ‘dimensionless constant‘ about many curious ideals such as ‘consciousness matrices‘, ‘mysterious wombs’, ‘consciousness evolution‘ and ‘the movement of a Consciousness Evolution’ is worthy of a look. These mentions should at least raise an eyebrow. Sure, the topic is not about physics but, the transmissions about a ‘consciousness evolution’ are apparently coming from a place physicists adore. And, notice that number eleven’s dialogue is focused on advancing human ‘awareness and consciousness’. It was an advancement for human consciousness and awareness for the physicists as well. And it is, in my experience, the same type of riveting conversation which seeks to move us all forward.

Richard Feynman’s mention concerning his encounter with 137, is recorded as his saying: The number 137 is “one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man”. He goes on to say,  “It [137] has been a mystery ever since it was discovered more than 50 years ago, and all good theoretical physicists should put this number on their wall and worry about it…you might say the hand of God wrote that number, and we don’t know how he pushed his pencil.”

Maybe you can now see how the pencil was pushed by The Master Number Eleven. Yes, ‘the master number eleven’ equals 11.

I’ve always supported the fact that anything can speak if we know how to listen. Mathematicians say everything in the Universe can be explained mathematically and that is how they listen. Why should a language message be any different? It can be explained by math; from a Pythagorean numerology perspective, that is.

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