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Iyana Rashill

I write about ideas that hopefully stimulate others in consciousness expansion and exploration. It's no fun being stuck in the mud.

Know Thyself

Life is funny. I was going through old papers and found this poem/prose I wrote in 1997: Know Thyself If you do not teach yourself, someone else will define your existence and purpose. You shall take on the ways of... Continue Reading →

The Community of You

A friend once said to me, “There are whole communities of people on every level of consciousness.” It was one of those wisdom messages which has traveled with me through life as an actual experience. I’ve experienced many communities of... Continue Reading →

How to See a New Future

Do you ever see ahead or receive ideas that are futuristic? Several great minds told us how we need this type of seeing for making a new paradigm, or the shift that so many are speaking of. If you have... Continue Reading →

What is an Evolution of Consciousness?

Let’s continue to investigate for ourselves. Should we trust anyone and everyone who teaches the ‘Evolution of Consciousness’? Some thought leaders are trying to work for the evolution of consciousness. The question is whether these agents of the evolution are... Continue Reading →

The Magick of Equilibrium and the Rise of Beat Doctors: Music Continues to Save Us

This post is about how music comes to save us from things we don’t know are hurting us, such as the effects of infrasound, negative electromagnetic waves and positive ions in the air.  The focus in this post is how... Continue Reading →

Are Internet Associations about 11:11 True?

This post is written because I wanted to know if Internet associations for the number 11 were true as well as how meanings were derived for placing 11:11 together.  In order to dive into this investigation I calculated the associations... Continue Reading →

Seeing the Life Glue for an Eye Opener

The Glue of Life, Love and Spirit is the topic of this post. Life glue? Love glue? Spiritual glue? What the heck! Yes, that is what I said when I finally met the glue for what it was. Why the... Continue Reading →

Soul Voice? Light Language? Speaking in Tongues? Chanting?

Have you had the experience of an inner voice or hearing which happens to you in regards to your spirit or soul voice? Anything? Spiritual speak is spoken or heard within across cultures. It’s an internal soul phenomena. It doesn’t... Continue Reading →

AI to AI Face-Off with a New View – Human Machines and Robotic Humans????

When the human being becomes more mechanized and the machine becomes more human it is time to take an honest look at the phenomena of AI verses AI for personal well-being. In other words, are we suffering the side-effects of... Continue Reading →

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