When the human being becomes more mechanized and the machine becomes more human it is time to take an honest look at the phenomena of AI verses AI for personal well-being. In other words, are we suffering the side-effects of repetitious life styles in how we think.

Artificial Intelligence vs Authentic Intelligence

AI vs AI

We have heard the old talk of fearing robot technology and the topic of finding our authentic self. This article shifts to taking a good look at whether humanity is becoming more like the machine and the machine is becoming more human.

An important question on my well-being check list is: Has my mind become mechanized in how I think? To expand it you would ask if your mind has become mechanized in how you think. Then we can ask, has humanity been trained to be mechanical in how we think?

This topic could write an entire book, but to keep is simple: when placing the two AI terms side by side the topic can be examined from a new awakened angle.

The Old ‘AI’ View:

What many might have missed while looking at this topic in the past, such as the fear of Artificial Intelligence, was the reflection in the life mirror. Are we becoming an artificial intelligence? Can we see that how we are taught to think, perform and play the game of life contains hidden side-effects of the artificial intelligence virus? Seeing the effects simply requires watching and looking at self for automatic behaviors. Bringing them into awareness helps break the cycle.

While large portions of humanity are becoming more and more mechanized just as many are ‘recognizing’ this phenomena and taking action for inner health. Not seeing that the mind is being designed via education, media, peer influence, cultural allegiances, etc., leaves one duped and artificial.

It is true that we all have a face we show to the world, but can we revert back to real self after the fake persona performs day in and day out, repeating the game of what we say, how we say it, what order we say it in, what words or phrases we use that are dictated by work environment, social conditioning and expectations?

Knowing how to perform certain tasks on automatic has benefit, but when our minds reap a side-effect of loving on automatic, making decisions on automatic, and screwing our lives up because we haven’t realized the inner self and authentic expression and have instead become a hollow tin of a person, then things can get mechanically messy and draining.

Looking at the internet lifestyle you can see many things are stuck on repeat as if we are going deeper and deeper into mechanized automaton behaviors. Certain music is becoming the looping of clips, cut from elsewhere and pasted into the track. Artists copy artists thinking repetition is the new art form of this age rather than bringing up their own visions. This is a fine line recognition. Take, for example, what happened when the art of Alex Gray became known. Many now vary the idea and call it their authentic art but that is not authentic vision. It’s a personal rendition but not authentic. Authentic behavior is much different.

Imitation is limitation.

Expansion of thinking is where the liberation is found, where authenticity is found and where the evolution is found – in core self, not in the crowd of copying. Imitation can silence the inner voice. Imagine when you get home from work and enter your house or apartment that you enter your sanctuary. Doing this with the mind is helpful as well. Enter your core inner castle within.

Why bother looking at this? You don’t have to, but there is benefit in doing so.

We have many jobs which are about repetition and people are physically effected by this, getting such ailments as carpel tunnel, eye sight and hearing depreciation and other bodily damage such as cancer from chemical exposure. Repetitions are the cause in these physical ailments as well as is thinking depreciation – being exposed every day to the same thoughts over and over again.

So what do we do about it? No Fear. There is innate intelligence throughout our body that can be cultivated, just waiting to be recognized. It is known as ‘authentic intelligence’ and it is the way out of mechanization side-effects. The result is that soul voice begins to speak rather than the robot. It is a long path, but to begin is an act of taking back your personal power.

Next question for well-being: If we are doing and saying what others say, how is that authentic, even if it is spiritual speak? You can put your personal spin on everything as an exercise of self investigation.

There is a distinct difference from outer intelligence and inner, core thinking and learned thinking. What Authentic Intelligence means to many people is that of having a unique personality or just seeing new movements made by others, inventions and new technology and revolutions started by others, but it is a shift in ‘how you personally think’ that reveals you have personally tapped into your core voice, how you process thought and how much evolutionary vision you have. Asking the question, ‘what is your intuitive vision’ is helpful in finding a deeper relationship to your authentic nature verses programmed or publicized ideals.

Luckily, western mystery schools give us an example of multiple types of inner intelligence that prove relevant in the movement toward authentic intelligence vs artificial intelligence. I mention this for a point, not for a practice or belief.

The Yetziratic text of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life lists 32 types of intelligence that reside within. They are worth contemplation in regards to asking ourselves if we are authentic or artificial. Some of the examples I found worth contemplating are:

Sanctifying Intelligence, the foundation of Primordial Wisdom

The Intelligence from the House of Influence where the hidden senses are drawn forth

Imaginative Intelligence which deals in similitudes and harmonious elegancies

Renewing Intelligence of changing things

Hidden Intelligence which is said to be Light which gives the power of comprehension

Illuminating Intelligence which reveals the splendor of Unity

Active Intelligence which deals in spirit and motion

Can you say you have had any experiences with any of these types of  intelligence within? Or is your experience of intelligence that of memories, trivia, what you have learned from books, the latest television show or weather report?

You do not have to believe in this school of inner thought to see these intelligences are beyond the artificial. These types of mentions help one toward their authentic nature. Simply receive the seed that there are many types of inner intelligences flowing in the ocean of consciousness connected to your within spaces verses the outer intelligence programming.

The mystics listed 25 more types and they can be found at the following links: http://www.qabalah.dk/32pathsofwisdom.html