Have you had the experience of an inner voice or hearing which happens to you in regards to your spirit or soul voice? Anything?

Spiritual speak is spoken or heard within across cultures. It’s an internal soul phenomena. It doesn’t belong to one religion, mystical school or country. It doesn’t mean it’s a limited experience that only happens to Light Workers or Christians. It’s happening across spiritual paths and across continents in unique ways. Two ways are always present: it either comes from the core of self or the mind. The difference can be known.

While Hindus chant syllabic intonations and Kabbalists sound off permutations of god names and Tibetan Monks throat chant, this is part of their practice. These are intended intonations which open the mind, heart and soul to expansions. Whereas soul voice rises from within your core and rushes out through speech as if it wants to be heard. Lucky for us, it doesn’t just happen randomly in public. You know where that would lead. No, soul voice is not even close to schizophrenia.

Soul voice is now being neurologically studied as a valid spiritual phenomena and soul voice requires our participation, a certain amount of conscious openness, receptivity and allowance. The messages, when they rise, dance through our being. If you have never experienced this, it may be difficult to understand, but at least this post will draw understanding about the occurrences.

Published in recent neurological studies, “Americans Speaking in Tongues,” Dr Andrew Newburg, at the University of Pennsylvania found that tongues is not the same type of speaking which should normally activate the frontal lobe. He is the same doctor who investigated Buddhist monks meditating and Franciscan Nuns praying. He didn’t, however, study Hindu chanting and Tibetan Monks throat singing or someone channeling an astral or terrestrial voice. Let’s hope he continues his investigations because from the studies Dr. Newburg has done, there were noticeable differences between the results of speaking in tongues, meditation and prayer, in that the meditation and prayer groups were intentionally performing ‘speech’ and this activated the frontal lobe where speech activity fires, whereas his experiments with people speaking in tongues had little to no frontal lobe activity, as if the voice was from a different source and not the brain’s speech center.

There is phenomena in life which offers us further proof of this difference of voice.

In Japan the Japanese are known to not trust people who speak from the throat. They trust those who speak from the hara, which is an inner core center just behind the belly which Martial Artists are familiar with. It is common knowledge these days that the Martial Artists work with core energy. If you have ever spoken in tongues or light language you have probably experienced this rise of your core energy rather than throat energy.

This led me to ask if we are becoming more aware on how to speak from within as spiritual ways come into oneness. All these separate schools are losing their boundaries in oneness. As humanity’s spirit matures, is the soul’s voice or vocal capabilities also doing so. If the Japanese speak from their core because of Martial Arts practices, speaking from the core rather than the throat, we can learn or gain this technique as well. It doesn’t mean we have to become Martial Artists. By looking in this mirror which the art has made for us, we know that the phenomena exists and can be attained to.

The Japanese are not alone in this. Christians speak in tongues and spiritual people report hearing their soul’s voice. Pleiadian, Arcturian, Atlantian and more, speak what is now called a Light Language.

Maybe we will hear of new spiritual languages arising as more and more people awaken?