There is probably no one on earth who has not felt the pain of the loss of a loved one, a pet or even a thing, maybe a job or other changes in life. And, funny enough, (or not so funny), we even suffer this pain even if we know that a break-up or loss was the best thing that could have happened to us. So, what is this pain invasion all about? I like to say it is a soul contract coming to an end.

Seeing like this would mean that soul contracts would be everywhere: with the love of a mate, a parent or child, a friend, career shifts, etc. The loss of anyone we love or anything we were attached to would still jar and tear until we evolved the ‘broken heart’ understanding, but one day we would fully evolve and it wouldn’t feel the same.

In soul contract perception, what is actually being felt is the severing of a soul to soul connection. It is a sort of tearing, ouch, but it feels like loss because that is the only word we have chosen to describe it. What if it had long ago been defined as something totally different? What if you knew that the feeling you were encountering was the completion of a soul contract or a life lesson fulfilled instead of pain? We don’t have to define it as lose, or ouch, or any other negative if we know it is a soul contract successfully completed or a journey well traveled? It wouldn’t be a painful experience anymore. And, any one of us can choose another way of seeing anytime we wish.

Everyone is growing toward many new knowings in this evolution of consciousness – knowing self, knowing soul, knowing reality and falsehood, knowing love, knowing delusion, among many other recognitions. These knowings bring new terms with them, as well, evolving old ideas.

Take the term and idea of forgiveness when we feel this type of pain. We are often told to forgive those who have caused us pain, and that is a nice idea for relief, but what if we could alter our perspective to be silently thankful. Why silently? Why thankful? Because the other has to live their life lessons and soul contracts as well. What if they were, in our personal opinion, a d’ck or a b’tch in the theme of separations? We still learned from them. We can be thankful for the lesson instead of forgiving the offender, but this should be a silent journey. We forgive because we want to relieve ourselves of the pain or hate. It is an attempt of letting go or closure. Being thankful for the experience is a new way to look at it, a new way of relieving the pain and a new way of allowing the other to walk through what they have to walk through while we learn our own life lessons.

Forgiving a mean person may not help that person grow to the knowing. It just tells them they can hurt others some more. They also need to evaluate what just happened. Forgiveness affirms that what they did was okay when their lesson may have needed to be that what they did was not okay. The offender has their own contracts and life lessons to face and forgiveness might be the worst possible thing we could give them. Discernment is required, however. Maybe for some situations forgiveness would be well placed, but for others not so well placed. Forgiveness may heal your pain, but what did you learn, is still the question. Our conclusion should contain understanding of ‘what the heck was that’?

What if, instead, we all knew that the breaking apart of souls was a natural soul contract, life lesson, occurrence? We would ask different questions about why the relationship was over? Why our parent moved on into the next life experience? Why did we lose that job? Would we look at what we needed to learn to increase our own personal knowing instead of strange and odd undefinable emotions? And all this happens in the silence, not on the channel 7 news.

When my ex-husband and I separated I was devastated and enraged. A few weeks later I had a dream. In the dream, we were two twin souls in a womb of growth fighting to get to the birth canal first, elbowing and kicking each other. After we came out, I turned to him and said, “Nice being in the womb with you.” Both of us were meant to prosper by that soul contract, and each of your own soul contracts will be unique and contain different equations, but all are meetings of exactly what we need to see in the mirror of life, whether they are painful, detours, closed doors, lose or otherwise. They are all shifts after soul contract completions.

The experience with my own divorce and dream revelation led me to feel free to redefine my pain experiences. Anyone of us can choose to take on a new view, even create new views of our own. Its the new views which alter and evolve our reality and experiences.

Soul contracts and life lessons are very mysterious and can become incredibly beautiful once we notice the phenomena and redefine pain as wisdom. Just saying….