This post is part one of three: This one – Cut and Paste Pushers then Buzz Word Bull and Band Wagon Kidnappers (coming soon).

Cut and paste pushers are active all day long and so many follow this drug without even considering what ‘following’ the cut and past pusher means to their personal essence, their mental well-being and authentic nature. Leaders don’t follow others, they have vision. They lead.

The cut and paste drug is a ‘feel good’ addiction for the people who like a ‘quick fix’ or need to keep up with posting on the run. They feel good when they can share in two seconds and get attention for hours while they go off to do whatever else is on their agenda for the day. This is a fault of the Facebook platform which has a share button and a trend of making things go viral. At first it was a good way to spread radical information on GMO scandals, awareness topics and other revelatory ideas.  In many ways it still is. But, this is how all addictions start. The side-effects are ignored.

Following the cut and paste pushers (what’s trending) can open your mind to ideas, but be careful, it can cause you to lose your authentic thinking skills as well. The current craze of online marketing is a good example. Everyone and their mother and father, even the grandparents, are trying to get people to spend money from their desperate need to make money by imitating a template developed by online marketers. It’s funny if you stop for a moment to consider the phenomena. The slight variation of the pyramid, MLM schemes are back in a new disguise.

In today’s age of information it has become easier and easier to not think for ourselves. Tons of other people are supposedly thinking for us and claim to be experts on a topic they cut and paste from someone else. Their expertise (expert tease) is simply cut and paste pushing.

Its true that bloggers can often run out of content to speak about on their blogs and find it easy to cut and paste someone’s ideas. Do this once or twice and acquire attention and it becomes addictive. The writer then becomes a cut and paste pusher, sharing the thoughts of others as their own. There are many authentic bloggers out there, but even more who are not.

Another model which is interfering with thinking for one’s self is ‘what is trending’.  It’s in our face as soon as yahoo mail opens or other platforms which like to be supposedly ‘in the know’. Look to see what they’re pushing but don’t fall for it. Have you ever been pulled in by sneaky lures pointed at your need for drama button? What the world needs more of is authentic minds.

The cut and paste pusher is so rampant, that people are stealing identities on Instagram, Twitter and other places because they want to cut and past someone else’s personality. Somewhere inside of themselves is an awesome authentic persona, they just won’t take the time to look.

I don’t know about you, but selling out is not an option. If we have anything left that is our own, it’s how we think, or how we can authentically think. The question to ask is if you’re looking for fans and will sell anything to get it or if you are thinking for yourself, working your own stuff and gaining ground with your true self, lifting others. Millions don’t care about inner growth or healthy minds, but you can care.

In truth, your rebellion is key to your personal expansion. This doesn’t mean you need to start selling rebelling. Anything that you can disagree with rather then ‘cut and paste push’ is an open door to uncovering your personal potential. It’s not a way to wage war. It’s a method to open your mind to ideas you may have not considered, even inside yourself. For example: use this article to examine your own opinions on how you feel about the age of cut and paste information. Just a quick look at your own feelings can help you see yourself.

This isn’t your brain >>>>

Google algorithms is also pumping fan based stuff rather than critical information. Sure, maybe ten pages later you might find real talk beyond a band’s name, paid ads or media manipulation. Someone recently told me I can use ‘advanced search’ to rise up out of the muck of buzz word bull (next article coming soon). If you have had the experience, you know what I mean.