Do you ever long to manifest a vision or at least find out what it is?

I was listening to a gentleman speak this morning. He says he made millions in a personal business and then lost his millions. He explains that money began to rise and passion and vision began to decrease. I too have encountered this strange law in the universe that doesn’t respond to money hunger, but responds to the deeper voice of passion and visions that we desire to make manifest. Money is a side-effect, a pleasant one, it’s true, but when you switch this perception around, the way the money is attained is by staying focused on the passion and vision quest, not the money. This made me see that independence is based on vision.

You might be thinking that many millionaires only think about money and have made tons of it, but times are changing. The method of dog eat dog in order to succeed is waning. The public is tired of the money-monger and is pulling support from them. Support is shifting to the impassioned who wish to share vision with people.  These new leaders are not the government and the Roosevelt’s. Sure, they still run the country’s legal system and world economy, still aimed at control, but meanwhile, the people they left behind to struggle for themselves are becoming innovative and creative, spiritually lead and motivated, consciously cleansed and evolving by letting the return of vision come through them. They are becoming independent through vision. This is not limited to only those who are in the lead. Inside each one of us is a longing for personal vision to rise.

We need vision for progress, not competition that creates crabs in a barrel, someone trying to pull us down so they can succeed, like a drowning person trying to drown the person who comes to save them. Still lingering here and there is  jealousy and hatred for another’s success. The slang term for this is called ‘haters’. This is only because they do not know how to raise up their own personal vision. It isn’t born in the mind. It begins in our core and gestates into manifestation through the mind. The mind is but a vessel or a production station. It is a tool. It is not the vision maker. It is only the vision manifestation assistant. This is a new view, even though resurrected from the dead. Vision had died in the face of greed. Vision became ideas, but vision is now returning. Vision is surfacing and bringing independence.

Independence is on the rise in a variety of directions. The musicians are producing their own CDs. The writers are self-publishing their books. The leaders are launching their programs and training courses online. Broadcasters are making podcasts and starting Internet radio and television stations. Small business owners are increasing in numbers. Soon, the number of independent inventors will grow. People are returning to their passions. This is a mirror of the evolution of independence through vision. Vision is a bit different from creativity. It is powered by internal core or soul power. Vision is on the rise and independence will prosper because of it.