Naming everything might have been a great pastime for the last 2,000 years but what are the side-effects on how we think?

Do we lose soul perception when labels and meanings (naming) takes over our lives? Can our soul’s really be defined?While we are trying to label the spiritual aspects of ourselves do we lose the actual untainted, unlabeled essential experience?

Does labeling our loved ones and friends benefit human relationships? Why do we need to label everything? Many suffer from this side-effect of ‘labeling’.

Because I play with words, ‘babel’ easily became ‘label’ for me as well as ‘meaning’ easily revealed ‘naming’. Did you know that every name has a mystical connection? Do parents think about this when they name (label) their child? Yes, a name is a label. But what does that say about us, nothing. What is a Joe or Sue?

I was thinking about ‘jargon’ when this flow of consciousness came about. There are fields of study which use ‘jargon’ (another type of babel) that someone outside of the field wouldn’t understand. These specialists use speech and writings with odd terms only their group understands. Don’t our subcultures follow suit, making words or meanings that others will not understand? We are being the same as the labelers even though being in a subculture is an attempt to separate from the norm.

Words and their meanings have become so vast they have inundated our consciousness with a type of clutter, yes, but a type of illness as well.  Labeling and defining deaden our thinking and awareness. I understand that this comment is a fine line comment. We think we are thinking, but we are doing so with pre-defined words and labeling. Where is our authentic and visionary thoughts? Where is our essential nature when it comes to our thinking?

Look at all the ingredients on a food label. Do you know what half of them are? This is not to say we no longer need to label. Looking at the side-effects of labeling and naming on our thinking, however, one can come to recognize what the labeling phenomena ripple will do for conscious awareness.

Another example is memes going viral on the Internet. The Internet is also a place of extreme babel. Everyone wants to talk, teach, and sell. Cut and paste pushers are active all day long. Buzz word bull-sh’t and band wagon kidnappers steal away personal awareness. (Article coming soon) It’s an old time marketplace with sales pitches everywhere in cyber space, whether love, goods or services. Is the internet the new Tower of Babel making us feel more awakened when in reality it is making us go back to sleep?

We always wish to go higher: higher consciousness, higher intelligence, higher chakras, higher realms, when god or spirit are within. And then, even internally we want to climb to a higher mind when intuition is in the core belly area and this is our connection to pure consciousness. Because millions do not think for themselves or follow their true and internal intelligence, this ideal has taken over the collective mind – find the ‘higher’.

We are again building another Tower of Babel which makes the world feel godlike but in truth they are falling deeper into confusion. This time it is the internet blah blah and viral memes, cut and paste pushers, buzz word bandits and band wagon kidnappers, as well as the jargon found in fields of study and labels for people which doesn’t teach us to seek soul language but takes us further and further away from it.

So what can we recognize from seeing labeling as having a side-effect for the soul, spirit and personal thinking?

“There is tremendous freedom in learning that we can eliminate the non-essentials, that we are no longer controlled by other people’s agendas, and that we get to choose. With that invincible power we can discover our highest point of contribution, not just to our lives or careers, but to the world.” – Greg McKeown

Do you have a liberating way of dealing with this that you can share?

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